Business Hours
8:00AM–4:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Call Center Hours • Monday- Friday
10:00AM–3:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)

ONFC Grocery + Wellness is closed Saturday, Sunday and all Ontario statutory holidays

Orders received after 1:00PM Eastern Time will be delayed to the next business day

Please contact Customer Service to request electronic copies of our Grocery + Wellness catalogues.

Order Desk Contacts

Tel (905) 507-2021, Press 1 Toll-Free 1 (800) 387-0354, Press 1
Fax (905) 507-2848 Toll-Free 1 (866) 218-2848

Mailing Address

5800 Keaton Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5R 3K2 CANADA

Email Contacts:
orders only

claims and refunds

Online Ordering
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • ONFC reserves the right to correct/reprint published errors (i.e. prices, flyers, CSDs).
  • Prices of US products are susceptible to fluctuations in the value of the Canadian Dollar. Prices on US products will increase or decrease in relation to the value of the Canadian Dollar.
Order Information

Please note the following procedures:
• Orders must be submitted by 1PM the business day prior
to shipping
• Order must have the correct ONFC code for each item
• Phone orders must be compiled prior submission
• Orders may be submitted via web store, email, and by phone

Case Stack Deals (CSD)
  • Indicate to sales desk when ordering discounted products and products listed as Case Stack Deals (CSD) in the catalogue
  • CSDs are available only to customer accounts that are in good standing. ONFC reserves the right to limit CSDs.

Broker orders must be placed:
• 3 business days prior to ONFC Delivery
• 4 business days prior to Common Carrier Delivery

Minimum Orders
  • All orders must be in range of $200–$1500 (depending on location).
  • Orders less than $400 within Metro Toronto incur a $40 delivery charge.
  • For more information on freight rates to other places, call Customer Service at x333 for an approximate rate.
  • Invoice pricing displays this pricing policy.

Shipping and Delivery Information
  • Please ensure receiving area of store is safe and free from obstructions. Drivers have the prerogative to not deliver to unsafe locations.
  • Please check the Delivery Route Schedule for your delivery dates. ONFC does not guarantee specific delivery times during the day.
  • Please call ONFC Customer Service with any inquiry at x333.
ONFC Deliveries
  • ONFC Delivery is via ONFC truck and 3rd Party Delivery (any delivery that ONFC delivers using another company’s trucks). ONFC takes no responsibility after common carrier accepts shipment.
  • Please check your orders upon receipt. Note: All damages must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the 3rd Party company and ONFC.
ONFC Delivery Route Schedule
  • Delivery times are scheduled between 9AM and 5PM. Please be available to receive during those hours.
  • ONFC will bill a delivery charge and/or require a higher minimum for orders NOT in accordance with our Delivery Route Schedule.
  • Please call ONFC Sales staff to determine your Territory and Ordering/Delivery Schedule at x333

Payment Terms

  • All orders are delivered COD until credit terms are approved or when credit terms are not within compliance.
  • ONFC reserves the right to charge 1.5% monthly interest on account balances over 30 days.
  • ONFC bills a $50 charge for NSF cheques Any past dues accounts that are not resolvable will be submitted to an agency for collection. Any legal and collection fees incurred must be paid by the customer prior to future business.
  • For more information, contact an A/R Collections Representative
    at x242.
  • You can pay ONFC online or by telephone banking. If you have an account with any CIBC, President’s Choice, BMO, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank and most Credit Unions, you can pay online
    or via telephone banking as you pay any other bills. You need only to set up ONFC as a vendor and pay at any time of the day, free of charge. Your account number is your customer ID.
  • To pay via credit card, please call x242
Credits / Returns / Debits
  • Returns or credit claims must be communicated to ONFC within TWO business days of receipt of goods and are subject to approval by ONFC Operations.
  • Credit requests submitted to ONFC will be processed within one (1) week of date of receipt.
  • Claims must be submitted via email or fax for auditing purposes.
  • ONFC does not guarantee sales of goods.
  • ONFC may not grant credit on Case Stack Deals.
  • ONFC will charge for replacement product at all times.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to insure that all products are returned for credit.
  • Returned items MUST be in re-saleable condition:
    • Same condition as the time of receipt.
    • No price stickers, additional labels or marked in any way.
  • When returning dated goods please notify our credit department IMMEDIATELY.
  • For assistance with your credits/returns call our Credits/Returns department at (905) 507-2021 x242, fax 905-507-1905, toll free fax: 1-866-218-1905, email:

Credits and Returns
  • Claimed credits may be declined in some instances for unsaleable returns as determined by ONFC. ONFC drivers are not authorized to pick up returned items without ONFC office approval and a return slip. A restocking charge may apply. ONFC will not accept products returned to warehouse without prior approval.
  • ONFC reserves the right to not accept returns on:
    • Freezer and cooler products (as it compromises the quality of the products).
    • Store discontinuations.
    • Short dated product (received with valid best before dates).
    • Short ship claim after an order is signed and received in good condition.
    • Item ordered on error.
Credit Request Form

For a quick turnaround of credits we need as much information as possible. Please give as much info as you can from the following list to help us process faster:

  • Company name or Buying Club name
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Invoice number
  • Reason for credit
  • Product code and Product description
  • Quantity ordered / Quantity billed
  • Quantity received
  • Amount charged and correct
  • price for pricing issues
  • Lot code or best-before date on
  • product (not on yellow sticker)
  • Please do not dispose on any product as ONFC may require the product to be returned. If you feel it needs to be thrown out, please contact us directly by phone so that we can tell you how to proceed.
  • Damages and Quality issues: photo(s) showing the reason of the claim (i.e broken product, mold, etc)
  • You can request a Credit Request Form from our Credits department by calling (905) 507-2021 x242

Case Stack Deal • Back Order Policy
  • CSD (increasing discounts for volume purchases)
  • All orders are contracts between customer and ONFC
  • All orders will be shipped by the date request
  • ONFC agrees to back order unshipped products due to vendor issues
  • For all Back Orders where vendor has discontinued a product, ONFC agrees to offer a substitute or cancel the unshipped amounts of the discontinued product while honoring the original deal
  • ALL Back Orders will be cancelled within 60 days or as per vendor policy
Credit Request Form • 3rd Party Claims
  • When reporting damaged product after 3rd party departed, please ensure you have the following information:
    • Pro bill number
    • Copy of signed waybill
    • Date, Invoice #, Shipper #
    • Product code and description
    • Quantity of product damaged
    • Cost of products

Customers must own a business with a valid vendor permit.